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Bullets! My Only Weakness!
 Okay, so any doubts I may have had about the new Thundercats series?

TOTALLY put to rest! 
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 December actually started off pretty badly. A bad heater coil in my car resulted in it being in the shop for over a week and a $765 repair bill, and this just after a $200 brake job. As much as I was relieved that my windshield was no longer fogging up and I wasn't losing radiator fluid anymore, starting the month by spending nearly $1000 in repairs is not a good way to begin the holiday season. 

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P.S. The Billy Joel pack on Rock Band 3 is GLORIOUS. Sometime next year he's releasing a "Piano Challenge Pack" as well! After I get a decent drum kit I am definitely hosting a Rock Band party. 


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I am going to the midnight release for Rock Band 3 tonight. Expecting much sleep loss. 
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 I know I have been more or less dead on LJ for a while, but this was enough to jolt some life into this little insignificant blog.

The topic? A USA Today article about Billy Joel

Of particular interest to ME was this little tidbit:

"One more new project has Joel venturing into virtual competition. A dozen of his hits will be downloadable for the video game Rock Band 3, out Tuesday. "I've never allowed my music to be used in a game before," but an Entertainment Weekly review of NBC's The Office changed his mind.

Alluding to an episode in which characters mention a Rock Band featuring Billy Joel, "the critic wrote something like, 'God forbid that ever should happen.' So I called my people and said, 'Get me (on) that Rock Band game.' Then I wrote the critic, saying that every time I get a check, I'll give him a little nod."

Given the new keyboard peripheral and the fact Elton John's already on there this was pretty inevitable, but hearing it from an official publication fills me with more glee than I thought possible at this point! I wonder what songs will be available?

Six days and counting! 


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 - The Sonic fandom. Sonic has not been cool or relevant since about the third game. So why is his fandom still so rabid despite the games being so lackluster for years? And furthermore, have none of these kids seen the SatAm series or at least read the Archie comics? Now that was a great supporting cast. Amy and the rest are just annoying anime cliches. 

- Certain nooks of the Invader Zim fandom. Now I'll admit Invader Zim is a pretty cool show. Hilariously warped sense of humor and unique artwork. What I do not get is people who find Zim "sexy." I've seen plenty of artwork that depict Zim as tall, lanky and oozing sexuality (for the uniformed he is a diminutive green alien with an inferiority complex trying to conquer earth). IT DOES NOT COMPUTE.

- Marvel Comics. Love the characters and the artwork, but the stories are so convoluted and frankly stupid these days, every time I pick up a random issue of X-Men at the book store I find myself wanting a cliffnotes version of the past ten years of history just to get a grip on what's happening NOW. And they wonder why the comics industry is suffering. (the great exception being Deadpool, who summarizes two years' worth of comics in half a page and whose stories are mostly episodic to begin with) 

- On that note, Brand New Day. Joe Quesada should have kept his mother complex to himself while penning that bit of stupid. I can't help but wonder what his wife thinks of his ideas on marriage he's committed to ink through that project.

- Jersey Shore. 

- American Chopper. People still watch that?

- Discreet Mathematics. Math is about numbers. Discreet Math has no numbers. WHAT!?

- Why my employees never seem to have any problems getting to work until Friday, the one day I need them most. 

- Picky eaters.

- Developers who bulldoze a plot of land flat as a pancake, then give the streets names like Shady Oaks, Lakeview Court, etc. when there isn't a tree or lake in sight. If there is a "lake," it's usually a shallow, scum-filled drainage pond. 

- Woody Allen movies. 

- Why good bands always break up years too soon, while crappy ones stay together for years and years turning out more crap music.

- People who still think Paris Hilton is hot. 

This list brought to you by months' worth of random pondering.


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I am still pretty high on the big reveal of the new Avatar series, so I wanted to get out some predictions I've had since the first series ended.

Confirmed Predictions:

- New series, new characters. I thought the Gaang's story was pretty much over and done with. There were a few loose ends, but nothing to build an entire series off of.

- Next Avatar is female. Avatar had some pretty strong female characters, and I've always felt a female successor to Aang would be the next logical step. Plus it mixes things up a bit by having a girl as the main character.

- Steampunk setting. With the fire nation's advances in technology (they already have steam-powered machines and have mastered heavier-than-air flight), I could only imagine what the world would look like after Aang's lifetime. I'm used to western-themed steampunk, so I can't wait to see what they do when they combine it with Eastern culture.

- Anti-bending element. With the rise of technology and science, I could see a parallel between that and the science vs. religion movement between Avatar's and our world. I could imagine people beginning to see element bending as archaic, outdated, and even dangerous and in need of regulation. I am very interested to see what they do with this.


- Older cast? From the single teaser image we've seen Korra looks a bit older to me, possibly mid to late teens. We shall see.

Sadly, the series isn't starting until next year. I can't wait that long, Nickelodeon!


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Nickelodeon to air Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel next year!

In brief, it will star Aang's successor, a southern waterbending girl named Kora, who has mastered every element save air. It's set in a sprawling steampunk metropolis called Republic City and I cannot WAAAAAIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!

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I am sitting here after dinner and a couple of drinks watching The Proposal and have NO desire to change the channel. I mean yeah I like Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock is likable as ever, but I can't help knowing there is something else I'd rather watch!

Screw it. Might as well go with the flow while the whiskey is still in my head.

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Had to work 9am to close yesterday. Meaning I left the store about midnight and I'm STILL pretty much wiped out. Sure, I get three days off this week, but I want to go work out and just do not feel like leaving the house! 
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Alternate title: Disney is out to make pack rats of us all!

Just saw Toy Story 3, and it was excellent! I think #2 might be better still, but #3 was an outstanding film of its own right.

As you can probably imagine, the story is a lot more melancholy this time around. Only a few toys remain of Andy's collection, and now they are anxious of their own fates as Andy prepares to go to college. Will they be donated? Sold? Kept in the attic? Thrown away? Right off the bat, abandonment is the key theme of the film, and it starts the movie off on a pretty sad note. Not as bad as Up!, mind you.

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The last thing that really impressed me was how far Pixar's film making has come since the original Toy Story. You can really see it in the human characters. Their skin no longer looks like plastic. It looks fleshy and warm, and you can even see Andy's pores now. Their movements are so much more fluid and natural now, showcasing how much Pixar's animators have learned in the intervening years. Even the toys, plastic as they are, have more detail in their textures and the lighting has significantly improved.

Overall, it's a very good film and a worthy conclusion to the Toy Story series that we all knew was coming. You may have varying levels of preference for Pixar's films, but they have not made a "bad" film yet and Toy Story 3 is most certainly not bad by a long shot.

Also, I simply cannot describe the short film "Day and Night" before the movie. It's very artsy and has to be seen to understand it.


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